Saturday, 29 October 2016

Newspapers a Source of All Sorts

Wistaria in Flower -  Photo Spring Chris Ball 2016
Wistaria - their long strands of blooms in Spring. A cool spot to sit under in the heat of summer. Joining with kith and kin to share a meal, share conversation and enjoy those long summer days. Seems there has always been a wisteria in family gardens- childhood years on a farm - the big old wisteria, covering an old shed. Wistaria in the grounds of an old house renovated. Our places by a Coromandel  beach - in my father's near a fern house. Today in our back yard over a pergola.
Other family members have also grown wistaria. Goes with our gardens. Found a photo of a wistaria - in full bloom - in my great grand uncle and aunts house in Gillies Ave Auckland, New Zealand  ( James Buchanan and Edith Macfarlane )That was in a newspaper back in 1936

POPULAR GARDEN CREEPER NOW IN BLOOM A fine display of wistaria at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Macfarlane in Gillies Avenue, Epsom.  New Zealand Herald, 9 October 1936
Newspapers are great sources for genealogy and family history. In newspapers can be found births deaths and marriages - a primary source for family records which helps confirm that yes they were born, were married, died. Love reading the accounts of family marriages in the Australian newspapers via Trove Australian National Library and Papers Past National Library New Zealand ( marriages sometimes headed Wedding Bells or Orange Blossoms.) Obituaries in newspapers often give a biography of the life of a family member.
Then there are all those  other interesting snippets and stories - like the one accompanied by a photo of my relation's wistaria in full bloom in their garden.
Reading those early newspapers, seems wistaria was a popular bloom, even used for decorating a dance
" A successful dance organised by the committee of the Mount Albert troop of Boy Scouts was held in the Mount Albert Bowling pavilion on Saturday evening. The decorations were most distinctive, the troop colours being used with effect. They were draped around the room and streamers were looped from the walls to the ceiling. Hanging wistaria and gay festoons were entwined through palms and greenery in the vestibule, while downstairs flags and bunting lined the walls, providing a bright background for the tables where bridge and 500 were played. Prizes were won by Mrs.. Hurst " and. Mr. J. Johnston."
                                                                    Auckland Star  26 August 1930  Page 11

Yes amazing what articles about people, places and flowers are found in those newspapers
Wisteria in full bloom