Monday, 19 September 2016

Genealogy Charts - Pedigree Charts

courtesy Graphic - Royalty Free 

Love the  thistle . The thistle has been the national emblem of Scotland since the reign of Alexander III (1249–1286) It was  used on silver coins issued by James III in 1470. It is the symbol of the Order of the Thistle, a high chivalric order of Scotland.
Saturday, 17 September 2016

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Beginning to record a family tree nine years ago seemed daunting. Knew needed to start getting it written down but where to start?  Yes several cousins had compiled family trees over the last forty years - some pre computer days - with careful lists and BDMs ( births, deaths, marriages) all recorded on various genealogy charts or pedigree charts. 
Experienced genealogists kept giving advice -
" Even though have a tree, still check the facts are accurate"  Start recording from yourself and work your way backwards to parents, to grandparents, to great grand- parents and to great great grandparents - a good foundation to build on.
" Get yourself a good basic chart to start with. Join a local genealogy group, Genealogy or family history group - great place to get help and help others.
" Read, Read, Read - goodness I found the Scottish National Library abounds with family history books, lists and family trees.  ( A book written by James Macfarlane on the history of the Macfarlane family. The Scottish  Post Office Directories. The Farm Horse Tax in Scotland 1798. Maps - even found a map of Croft house Perth where great grandfather lived not long before emigrating to New Zealand,) All  great information if looking for Scottish ancestors.
                                                 Courtesy National Library of Scotland
 Loved those early maps found of Glasgow, Perth and Edinburgh - with buildings and houses drawn in. Even found a map of the Clyde River with ships plying  up and down the river.
Found in those early days of starting a family tree, there were some handy charts about - four generation, five generation, etc. These provided me with a good foundation base and proved useful if discussing family trees with other family members, archives and libraries. Some are available for a charge or part of a genealogy software package and some are free. Being a tactile learner and relating to pictures or photos quite liked some of the templates available on Family Tree . On this website have a choice - can download and print for free  100 family tree templates  Or, download customizable versions for a small charge.

Recently completing a DNA test, found that my basic family tree chart of five generations - developed in those beginning years proved useful on this occasion - was ready to use. Was also useful at a family reunion seven years ago.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Family Names

Orchids passed around family members and friends.

Found a couple of hundred years ago my families I descended from seemed to have large families - lots of siblings and if a wife died it was another and even more siblings. These siblings of course got married and in my family tree looked at , as it exists today, I can see many different surnames, many cousins. There would have been large family gatherings back then of nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts.

Anderson      - Dunning Scotland, New Zealand
Angus          -  Dumbarton Scotland, South America
Arndell         -  Herefordshire  England, New South Wales Australia
Bagnall         -  England, Prince Edward Island Canada, New Zealand
Barr             -  Scotland, New Zealand
Bennett        -  England, Australia
Black            -  Scotland, New Zealand
Borthwick      -  Scotland, England, New Zealand
Buckland       -  England, New Zealand
Cains             -  Australia, New Zealand
Carr              -  New Zealand
Chalmers       -  Australia, Fiji
Clark             -  New Zealand
Cleland          - Glasgow Scotland,
Colebrook      - England, New Zealand
Collins           - England, Australia, New Zealand
Cooke            - Ireland, New Zealand
Corbett          - England, New Zealand 
Craig             - Scotland, New Zealand
Davis             - Australia, New Zealand
Durrieu          - England, New Zealand
Forsyth           - Scotland, New Zealand
Fowler            - Scotland, England
Gibb               - Glasgow Scotland
Gibbs              - New Zealand
Gray               -  Scotland, England, New Zealand
Gorrie             - Perthshire, Scotland, New Zealand
Grono             - Wales, Australia
Gunion            - Glasgow Scotland , New Zealand
Hally               - Auchterarder, Scotland, New Zealand
Hanna             - Ireland, New Zealand
Hansen            - England, Australia, New Zealand   
Harper             - England, Australia
Hollis               - New Zealand
Houston           - Ireland, New Zealand 
Hughes            - England, Australia
Jackson            - Yorkshire, England, New Zealand
Kisielowski        - Poland, England, USA
Kirk                  - Scotland, New Zealand
Litchfield           - England, New Zealand
Lyons                - England, Australia
Macfarlane         - Scotland, England, New Zealand,Australia
Martin               - Scotland, New Zealand
Matthews           - England, New Zealand
McNaughtan       - Scotland
McRae               - Scotland, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand

Now with Internet proving most useful for family history research, find can look up a website that gives some meanings and origins of surnames.
 - The Internet Surname Database


Why Corogenealogy

Thought would begin this blog with a photo of a sunflower grown in our garden. Wherever we have moved in our travels through life we have grown sunflowers - giving away the beautiful flowers to family on birthdays or special occasions. The seeds  too are plentiful, make delicious sunflower seed bread and again are passed on as with the flowers to family and friends.

For me flowers and gardens are often the link between families, friends. They are the topic of conversation when meeting, the walking around a cousin's garden sharing about the plants, the fertiliser, the pruning and weeding methods. Sunflowers are like families - starting from small seeds, they grow into big wonderful flowers of different colours and sorts.

I'm fairly new to this genealogy stuff - really only started to take deeper interest about ten years ago. Over the last few years have met many wonderful people who have been researching for many years.  My cousin Len did a family tree ( pre internet  and pre computer days). Copies were numbered and issued to those of that lie of the family. Since then others have added and refined the information and today there is even a facebook page.

When I first started , was going to concentrate on just early New Zealand history. In 2013 I began a blog called
- much of it about a very scattered Transport History and the people involved in the Auckland Province during the 1800's.

While proving the family stories and history with some pretty deep research came to the conclusion that genealogy and family history played a large part in the occupations, community, church and the close knit families of this country newly settled by a wave of people from United Kingdom and Europe.

During this research journey have been asked many a time by others also searching for family members or family history. Some of the snippets gathered during research were put aside and now it is that hope will had to information - particularly in this part of New Zealand.